#heartoverbucks Story 001

#heartoverbucks Story 001

(english text / german video)

Yoh, what´s up :)

I´m totally excited to show you the first episode of the #HEARTOVERBUCKS STORY which is the name of our VLOG format on Youtube.

A few days ago, I came across an article which said: "IF WE DO WHAT WE LOVE, WE HEAL THE WORLD." (here, you can read the whole article - just true words)

These words fit just perfect to Stroncton, because we stand for people who do what they love, who follow their dreams and beliefe in their goals.
And this is the core topic of our vlog #HEARTOVERBUCKS STORY.
I´ll try to document everything around Stroncton and what we love: designing new stuff, struggle and learn from everyday challenges, traveling, developing our dreams and goals, talking to motivational and inspirational people. In this way, I´d like to give you some insights behind the brand Stroncton and how we get things done. :)

But keep a long story short, just watch the first episode of HOBS #001 and get your first impressions.

The language of the video will be mainly kept in german because it´s my native language and so I can express myself in a better way.
If you have any questions or you want a specific topic we should make a video about, please feel free and hit us up at any time. I really would love to hear your opinion about our new vlog videos, just drop a comment here or under the video on Youtube.

We want to improve our self and get to the next step anytime to provide excellent content for you, so feel free to send us your feedback. We will read every single message which will come up!!

Cheers, Geri / Stroncton



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