Apparel and Design Stuff for Rebels with Heart over Bucks

The story behind Stroncton

...for us, it´s more than just selling apparel and design stuff...

It all started in a small town in Upper-Austria

Hi, my name is Geri, I love playing drums, watching movies like Top Gun and Indiana Jones, series like Modern Family or Sons of Anarchy and poping bubble wraps. I founded Stroncton back in May 2016.  But the Story starts a way more back:
As a kid, I nearly painted everything I could find and since I can remember, I always was fascinated by creative people who did what they love like skateboarders, drummers, designers or travelers. They are able to convert their feelings and thoughts to complex movements, beats, bring them on paper or collect different experiences for their life. In this way they share their stories with the world and also inspire my sketches, designs and work day by day.

But the most inspiring part of these people for me is, that they follow and hold on to their dreams, no matter what other people might say about them.





I loved drawing, sketching and designing, but I never had a particular use for all my ideas. I remembered, that I had a big dream in High School when I was 15 years old: my own clothing brand. But back then, school and  getting a normal job was more important than day-dreaming.

In 2014, i was a little bit fed up with my actual job-situation. So I decided to focus more on my passion and find out what my big dreams and goals are. And then, my 15-year-kid-dream came back in my mind.
I had nothing to loose, so i sat down and sketched out the first designs for my future clothing brand. I can't tell you how excited it was to order the first t-shirts. How will they look like in real? How will they fit? Will someone like and buy them?!

...this was the start of our journey...

a journey with ups and downs

After a while, my family & friends came by and supported me a lot, and I´m really greatful for having these people in my life. They bought some t-shirts and gave some really good feedback, so I could improve my little clothing company.
But as we all know...every journey has some ups and downs, and especially if you want to turn your dream into reality, there are a lot of downs.
The most important thing I´ve learned since I started my t-shirt project was that after every winter, there will be summer again. And that´s totally true.
The very first brand name was "WERAW - We Are Awesome Clothing". I know, pretty long for a name, but I just wanted to start. In March 2016, I got a nice e-mail from a big apparel company: I have to quit my brand because WERAW sounded similar like a part of their name.

"Quit? No was my dream, and I hold on to it..."

Start Stroncton

The Birth Of Stroncton

So I sat down and started sketching again. It never came in my mind to quit. My belief in my dream was so strong and I just had the focus on the big goal. And out of this situation and feelings, the new brand name was created: Stroncton - referring to the word "strong". The Anchor in the logo stands for strength to: hold on to your dreams. The Lighthouse says: Never loose your focus on the important things - even on foggy and stormy days.

With Stroncton I´d like to inspire you to hold on to your dreams, that you never forget where you come from and where you want to go. Everybody has this little kid and the  rebel in itself. But sometimes, we don't want to show them, because we're scared that someone could say, that it is not normal and stupid.

It doesen't matter how awkward, childish, or stupid it long as we're happy with it?! Why not! You're not alone - we are here.

...for all the rebels with heart over bucks...


Humans, animals and our beautiful nature is more important than maximizing profits. This is a main philosophy of the Stroncton-Spirit. We really care about fair and eco-minded manufacturing and always try to improve and develop our products.
To give our t-shirts, hoodies, etc. a mission to fulfill and a story to tell, every purchase raises funds for THE STRONCTON FOUNDATION.

#heartoverbucks also means, that we should follow our hearts, do what we love instead putting always money on the pole-position.
Let's travel the world, collect memories, do funny things, spend time with our families and friends and do something positve for the future.


"'s about maximizing humanity, not profits..."

Stroncton Feeling

The Stroncton Feeling

I´m pretty sure you had it already: The Stroncton Feeling. Imagine you clip on your board on a beautiful day in the mountains, and then you shred down an awesome powder free-ride piste. You also might have already had the feeling if you catch the perfect wave when you´re surfing on a hot summer day, or when you just chill in a hammrock on a lost island on your backpacking tour through South East Asia. Simply said: You can feel it when you do what you love and when you feel happy.

We try to transport exactly this special feeling with our designs and our Stroncton Spirit. 

Just feel free to send us your pic when you have your Stroncton Feeling or tag us with #stroncton #stronctonfamily #heartoverbucks and join the Stroncton Family.

The Journey has just started

So far, that's the way how everything began, and the journey has just started.  

I really love working with and on Stroncton. And I really love, if I can make people smile and happy. If you have any questions about our products, if you have any feedback, wishes, or other stuff, just hit me up at any time.
At this point, I also wanna say thank you to my girlfriend Vanessa. She really supports me a lot and helps out wherever she can. Big thanks also to my family and friends, you mean a lot to me, and without you, this journey would be nearly impossible.

Stay focussed and hold on to your dreams.


Thank You